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The RFID-based pallet tracking


Our company is successfully developing a complete equipment to track pallets and products in and between warehouses, transporting and logistics centres, ports, airports, and in any place, where pallets are in use.

Traceability of products and pallets appears to be a general trend in logistics and freight transport.

Regulations and standards binding producers and retailers to ensure the traceability of batches of certain food products. Currently, one million new pallets used in Europe every year, 60% of which used to replace broken or lost pieces. This is a massive cost in the supply chain. The traceability of products is crucial for large warehouses with a short turnaround time.

By introducing PalletNet, our identification systems, the transparency will be better and help to increase the efficiency of your company, decreases the mass of stored products and faulty deliveries. The traceability of pallets is a big problem as it is almost impossible using traditional administrative tools. Our PalletNet solution uses active RFID tags, which have their own autonomous and more than enough energy supply and have a communication radius significantly larger than the passive RFID.

Our system does not only store identification data about the pallet but its lifecycle, last known location, position within the warehouse, the mass, the type, etc. of the products stored on it. The database stored in the cloud will have pallet and user specific items. This is the core values of our innovative pallet tracking solution, the PalletNet.

Our Piaci-KFI-19 (Markter-RDI) project "Development of intelligent pallets and tracking system" has started:
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